Paddle Shift

M1 GPR-P Paddle Shift

MoTeC's GPR-P Package combines high performance M1 engine management with fully featured paddle shift control. It eliminates the need for an ECU and a separate paddle shift controller because with GPR-P you can control it all in one lightweight unit, without compromise. Based on MoTeC's versatile GPR package, GPR-P can be used on a variety of port-injected applications from 1-12 cylinders with varying levels of complexity. Configurable engine synchronisation modes accommodate most modern engine triggering systems, and advanced, race-bred features are standard. GPR-P is designed for sequential gearboxes with pneumatic switched actuators. It cleverly controls all relevant facets of the engine and gearbox synchronously, providing tight integration of fuel, ignition, throttle and actuators to ensure a fast, smooth shift. With M1 and GPR-P, customers can convert their traditional manual shift sequential gearbox to a full paddle shift box, or control a gearbox designed for paddle shift that needs a controller.

Paddle Shift Features

This package also includes many ancillary features commonly found on race cars, such as:

Also accommodated are many systems found on modified road vehicles which may be useful in a racing context, such as air conditioning control and four definable control outputs. As with all M1 solutions, the GPR-P Package can be downloaded at no charge for evaluation, but the associated Firmware Licence must be purchased before it can be used in the ECU. GPR-P is compatible with MoTeC’s range of port injection M1 ECUs – M130, M150, M170 and M190. It fully integrates with other MoTeC products, with pre-defined CAN messaging for many common MoTeC devices. See MoTeC Paddle Shift in action: HPA Academy takes a look at the Lamborghini Huracan LP 620-2 Super Trofeo which runs M1 Paddle Shift from factory. (Note: it uses a Direction Injection M182 with a custom package based on GPR) Speedcafe checks out the purpose-built Pace Innovations hillclimb Ford Focus, taking on Race to the Sky 2015.

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